About the Manual 


This manual is prepared in such a way that not only the children can become sensitive towards their eyes but can understand the difficulties and problems faced by blind people. While preparing the manual, the special focus is put in activities, so that the child can realise the significance of his eyes and take proper care.

Soon after doing the first activity the child will realise the significance of eyes, and if the eyes are harmed due to any reason, he has to face lots of problems in his life, this fact can be easily realised by children by doing the activities given in this manual. Through second activity we have tried to explain the significance of eyes and problems faced by them in case if the eyes are damaged. Our motive is to encourage the children if they come in contact of the blind people, they should help them and treat them as other normal people. After explaining the significance of eyes in their life, we will make them aware about the eye diseases and its symptoms through various activities in this manual.

Sometimes it is not possible to detect the eye problems by its symptoms. That’s why it is very important to know how to examine the eyes in normal way. In Activity 4, it is well explained how to take care and examine the eyes normally without taking help of eye specialist.

After having the information regarding the significance of eyes, diseases and its symptoms and general observation, it is essential to know how to protect our eyes. While discussing with children we have tried to explain the children how to take care of their eyes, what the children should do or not to do to protect their eyes. At the end of these activities, information is provided for the teachers regarding the ways the eyes works, eye diseases and its symptoms, cure and protection and teachers can use this information while discussing with children after the end of activity.

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