Eye Donation Short Film, Poster, Audio Jingles


Eye Donation Short Film, Poster, Audio Jingles all together to promote Eye Donation

6 Million people are waiting for Eye Donation

Every 5 seconds someone goes blind  | 50 per cent of children who become blind die within two years  |  90 per cent of children who are blind don’t go to school

Why Eye Donation Our world is so beautiful, the mountains surrounded by greeneries, flowing river water gives a great pleasure to us. The beauty of the things around us fills the colour of joy and happiness in our life. All these beauty of life could be observed through eyes. Would you have ever thought that how the world will look without eyes. To observe this practically, just cover your eyes for two minutes, you will feel darkness throughout the world and the beauty of world will be useless for you. But there are such people in large number throughout the world, having only darkness in their lives; we name them as blind people. Among these blind people, there are such 50 lakh people, whose live could be enlightened only by the cornea through eye donation. However, it is not very hard to get cornea through eye donation, the only thing required is to make efforts to develop awareness among people in this direction.

In view of the above situation we at Antardrishti  initiated The Drishti Creative Contest in 2011 with the purpose of spreading awareness and involving the youth in this process. Every year, the contest witnesses enthusiastic participation from all over the country. So far we have collected more then 1200 Eye Donation Short Film, Poster, Audio Jingles to promote Eye Donation.

We developed a dedicated place to share selected Eye Donation Short Film, Poster, Audio Jingles. You just need to follow the link http://www.icareinfo.in/eyedonation enjoy Eye Donation Short Film, Poster, Audio Jingles. Feel free to share and support / Promote Eye Donation. You can email us at drishti@antardrishti.org

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