80% of blindness is preventable.
Every 5 seconds, someone, somewhere goes blind.

In our country Blindness being one of the most critical and permanent ailment poses an increasing threat on these children and is still unable to get the required amount of attention due to lack of awareness and expertise in the area. Blindness with poverty is a terrible combination specially In developing countries. Being a visually challenged is not just a disability, it is more then a death sentence. There are more than 12 million* blind people in India. That is about 30% of the world’s total blind population and most of whom went blind just because of lack of resources, proper information, timely treatment.

How our campaign promote eye care

  • Direct Intervention with school/college students and teachers
  • Holding public lecture on eye care at clubs, NCC, NSS, corporate houses and other available platforms and gatherings in both urban and rural locations
  • Community outreach through volunteers
  • Eye care awareness by organising workshops, seminars, inter-school essay / poster / debate / drama competition, film shows and discussions and through involvement of mass media
  • Publication of need based promotional and educational material