Drishti Connect – One stop solution for various challenges face by the Visually Impaired.


Geeta lives in a small town and is studying hard to appear for this year’s bank PO exam. The date of the exam is coming closer and her concern is growing, as she is still not able to find a suitable scribe. She is worried that she may not be able to make it due to the unavailability of a scribe. In such a situation, drishticonnect.in is the place to go to…

What is Drishti Connect?

Drishti Connect is a web based resource hub, which will help visually impaired people to sort out a number of their practical problems. They just need to sign up and share their issues by submitting a request form. If Geeta signs up and submits a request for a scribe, chances are high that she may find a scribe for her self, and successfully appear for the exam.

Drishti Connect is not created only for scribe support. Visually impaired candidates can submit requests for other issues too. For example somebody wants to open a bank account and the bank manager is not ready to open an account because the applicant is visually impaired. What then? The candidate can submit a request to get the RBI circular, which she/he can show to the bank manager and force him/her to open their bank account.

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Support Team
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